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Market Talk 股市小讲堂: STIC 大市分析 27/12/2019 STIC Market Analysis 27/12/2019 2019-12-29
Market talk 股市小讲堂 : 仙股新春效应来临? The New Year effect of penny stocks is coming? 2019-12-27
Market Talk: Sunright 值得您再三关注的个股 Sunright worth your attention 2019-12-18
Market Talk: 今天谈三只股: Sembcorp Ind, Sembcorp Marine, City Developments的形态, 趋势及交易策略 Today talk about three stocks: Sembcorp Ind, Sembcorp Marine, City Developments patterns, trends and trading strategies 2019-12-18
Market Talk: 市埸前景: 新春效应到来? 是进场买股的时候? Market Outlook: The New Year Effect  Is Coming? Is It Time To Enter The Market? 2019-12-14
market talk : 要想成为股市大赢家, 在于持股, 持币之间掌控得好, 如何办到? If you want to be a big winner in the stock market, it is about how good you can manage between holding shares or holding cash.  How can we do it? 2019-12-14
Market Talk股市小讲堂: 短线交易, 如何捕抓即将猛上的买点 Short-term trading, how to catch the buying points that are about to move up strongly. 2019-12-11
Market Talk股市小讲堂: 如何寻找赢面高, 低风险的买入点, 以Penguin为例 How to find a high-win, low-risk buying point, taking Penguin as an example 2019-12-11
Market talk股市小讲堂: 短线交易赚快钱, 又能兼顾安全及低风险, 如何办到? 以JEP为例 how to make quick money in short-term trading while taking both safety and low risk into consideration? Use JEP to demo 2019-12-11
Market Talk股市小讲堂: 如何预防玩炒股不被烧手指同时盈利又能达到最大化, 以REX为例 How to prevent playing speculative stocks from being burned by fingers and maximizing profits , Use REX as an example to demo 2019-12-11
Market Talk股市小讲堂: 个股交易如何操作? 以AVI Tech 为例, 逐步示範 How to trade, use AVI Tech as an example, step by step demo 2019-12-11
Market talk 股市小讲堂 : FTSC St Catalist Index(炒股指标)指数出现曙光?玩炒股的时刻到来?如何操作? Dawn of FTSC St Catalist Index? Time for speculative play? How to trade? 2019-12-11
Market talk 股市小讲堂: 获利盘为零, 基本面优越, 值得你关住的个股: Delfi 2019-12-11
Market talk 股市小讲堂: 如何精準掌握股市最佳買入時机, 多头(买方) 离埸时机 2019-12-11
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China Sunsine 2019-09-10
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Shanghai Composite Index Aug 2019 2019-08-03
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City 2019-07-30
Hour Glass 2019-07-26
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Shanghai Composite Index July 2019 2019-07-18